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QLD/NT | President's Message February 2011

Published 20-Feb-2011
Greetings all

This past month has not been a good one for a lot people and our thoughts are with those who are recovering from flood and cyclone related issues. We also said goodbye to one of our members Don Drummond, who was a good friend to all and will be missed. Further in our newsletter we have penned some words for Don.

We have started our training sessions for the year and our next round is on Energy Efficiency being presented by Darren Miller, please refer to the emails that you would have received and the website for further information. At this stage these sessions have only been arranged in the south east corner of Queensland, as we have not yet finalised our overall training schedule for this year, so stay tuned for further information. If members elsewhere are interested in attending a session on Energy Efficiency, please advise the Chapter Office.

Those who have or intend to undertake the Swimming Pool Safety Inspectors Course which is available through assentTECS you can receive twenty-one (21) CPD points for the course.

Further information on this course see;

A reminder about some changes occurring to Builders insurance on the Northern Territory side of the border. The government is preparing to introduce Residential Building Insurance (RBI) for Builders. A Draft Bill is currently available for viewing on

The proposed introduction of RBI does not make many changes to what we already do as Building Certifiers during the assessment/issue of a building permit for prescribed building works. Currently the Builder is required to provide a copy of a Home Building Certification Fund Policy (HBCF) for the relevant prescribed building works prior to us issuing the building permit. The RBI will replace the HBCF policy we already require.

What it does mean for us is that we will only require a RBI policy for prescribed works as stated under the NT Building Act. Any other building work that requires approval but is not prescribed works, such as shed, carport, re-roofing, bathroom renovations etc will not require an insurance policy as they are not prescribed works.

Some of the other changes in this Bill are for a new dispute resolution process, changes to progress claims to Builders.

Originally we required comments by Friday 18 February 2011, but additional time has been granted to allow industry bodies to further consult their membership because the draft bill came out just before Christmas and with the Christmas/New Year shut down a lot of people go away over then and January it was considered that an extra four week should be given.

We now require your comments, positive or negative ones by Friday 18 March 2011.

Anyone wishing to comment on the Draft Bill for Residential Building Insurance can email their comments to the Chapter Office

A reminder of some of the other information we have received recently:

News flashes from Building Codes Queensland:

• Building Newsflash No: 460 – Re-occupying buildings affected by flood
• Building Newsflash No: 461 – Flooding impacts on fire safety systems
• Building Newsflash No: 463 – Flood recovery
• E-lert 1/02/2011 – Flood information for homeowners

Building Notes from Building Advisory Services, Northern Territory:

• Building Note No: 82 – National Construction Code information seminars

A reminder came out recently from Building Advisory Services to all Northern Territory registered Building Surveyors reminding us that we need to ensure that we are supplying and obtaining the newer Builders Declaration which was approved for use last year.

This and other information is available on the relevant websites being:,au/building/morotoriam

If anyone has any questions on what is occurring around the place, do not hesitate to call the Chapter Office and speak to Susie or Michelle.

Always keep check your emails and our website for further information on what is happening,

As I finish off this article we in Darwin have just had Cyclone Carlos through with a lot of rain and wind. Some flooding has occurred to some houses near creeks, some damage to houses from falling trees and rain is continuing in town and out of town in our rural areas. Some flooding is also occurring in the rural areas, so the weather pattern is a bit of mess everywhere. Need to go to finish unpacking stuff that I had packed up with oncoming cyclone.

Bye for now

Penny Whinney-Houghton M.A.I.B.S. M.W.O.B.O.
Qld/NT Chapter President

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