QCAT replaces current QLD Tribunals

Published 20-Nov-2009
From 1 December 2009, the following tribunals will no longer exist:

  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Children Services Tribunal
  • Commercial and Consumer Tribunal
  • Guardianship and Administration Tribunal
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • Retail Shop Leases Tribunal
  • Fire Panel of Referees
  • Fisheries Tribunal
  • Independent Assessor under Prostitution Act 1999
  • Racing Appeals Tribunal
  • Appeals Tribunal under Local Government Act 1993 (levee banks)
  • Legal Practice Tribunal
  • Health Practitioners Tribunal
  • Misconduct Tribunal
  • Teachers Disciplinary Committee
  • Nursing Tribunal
  • Surveyors Disciplinary Committee
  • Veterinary Tribunal
In preparation for the launch of QCAT, the Tribunals Review Project will be engaging with stakeholders and the general public via various marketing and communication activities.

Marketing materials such as the 'QCAT begins 1 December 2009' flyer is available to distribute to your clients if you wish. This flyer has been designed to inform the Queensland community of how the commencement of QCAT will affect them.

If you would like to order some hard copies of this flyer please contact the Tribunals Review Project via enquiries@tribunalsreview.qld.gov.au or phone 3239 3681. Alternatively, visit www.tribuanlsreview.qld.gov.au for more information about QCAT.

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